What is ORCHID•B?

ORCHID•B is the first fully integrated one-stop-shop for administration services including business registration, banking, insurance, payroll with more to come.​Imagine registering your business and having access to a business account, business insurance, and a debit card in under 10 minutes. Then think of a wizard and dashboard that informs you real time about your upcoming book-keeping decisions and tax submissions that ORCHID•B will handle for you, seamlessly.We are bringing all of this together and it's coming to you soon.

Our Background

The self-employed and SMEs represent more than 95% of businesses globally. Our extensive research has highlighted that most self-employed entrepreneurs and small companies spend up to 60 days a year working with banks, electronic invoices, spreadsheets, and numerous other apps and professional service providers to manage their accounts, settle tax bills, deal with payroll or dividend payments, and send financial statements to the authorities. Let’s think about this differently; when you buy or lease a car you don’t need to buy the engine, wheels, or gear stick separately. The vehicle is integrated and helps you travel from A to B easily. At ORCHID•B, we are building tomorrow’s back-office vehicle and using the latest state of the art Fintech and Insuretech partners to bring this to life. We’re on a mission to change entrepreneurship for good.

Our People

Managing back-office activities can only work with a multi-disciplinary and diverse team that drives value well beyond the sum of the parts.All of the founding team at ORCHID•B are entrepreneurs and have worked for major blue chip companies in diverse industries such as banking, insurance, manufacturing and event sport.Our expertise includes business strategy, law, accounting, tax, insurance, fraud, anti-money laundering, software development, sales, marketing, communication, and graphic design.

Our Ethics

ORCHID•B grew out of a desire to help the self-employed and SMEs across all their back-office services, not just single siloed services such as banking, insurance, legal, accounting, or tax. For us, good business and end-end continuity of service go hand in hand.At the core of our values is a belief in transparency, fairness and inclusion. Entrepreneurs who have just started their business who have low income or little money deposited on their accounts will have a free account. Our charging mechanism will be balanced and reflect the hardships and reality of developing a business for the long term.

Why the name ORCHID•B?

At ORCHID•B, we recognise that back-office services are not exactly colourful or glamourous so we thought that we should find an attractive name to entice our Clients. We also wanted our name to be unique, just like a Bee, that plays incredible roles in the “real” world!​Orchid Bees pollinate Orchids, Tree Tomatoes, and Vanilla pods for example, but also have other incredible attributes.​They live in the rainforests including Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Panama. The over 200 species are among the world's most beautiful bees. Orchid Bees are dark green and shiny, but they can be turquoise, purple, red, gold, or a mixture of such colours.​The males interact in highly specialized behaviours with complex and bizarre Orchid flowers and their methods of pollination are quite incredible.​ORCHID•B’s services are also highly specialized and this is what makes us unique!