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ORCHID•B will provide back office administration functions on one platform, enabling business owners to grow their business whilst safeguarding the enterprise against risk in an increasingly complex world.

Cards and Payments

Open your bank account and receive a debit card in less than 10 minutes​

  • Open a current account to receive and make payments​
  • Obtain a debit card and set state of the art permissions online
  • Order new cards for your employees
  • Reconcile your bank transactions to your business accounts
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Business Dashboard

Monitor key functions of your business and anticipate upcoming deadlines

  • Obtain an end-to-end view of your business
  • View outstanding invoices and chase your clients for unpaid invoices
  • Let ORCHID•B remind you of tax deadlines
  • Customize your view depending on your business specificities
  • Receive suggestions to help your productivity and mitigate your risks such as an expiring insurance policy
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Business Insurance

Insure your business directly on the ORCHID•B platform​

  • Receive an instant quote for your business insurance
  • Receive real-time new quotes with changes in your business’s profile
  • Choose insurance for your employees during their onboarding process​
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Business Registration

Register your business in less than 10 minutes

  • Register a sole-proprietorship or corporation in less than 10 minutes​
  • Once registered, modify your business-related information​ with federal and provincial authorities
  • Close your business
  • Obtain simple legal templates (e.g. employment contract, client invoices, supplier contracts, standard terms and conditions)
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And much more to come

  • Invoicing tool
  • Expenses management
  • Banking transactions matching and allocation
  • Document safebox
  • Payroll
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At ORCHID•B, we work hard to identify and develop the best multi-disciplinary teams that can work within and across our Fintech, Insuretech, Govtech, and Taxtech verticals.We provide the environment, opportunities, and exposure to both clients, partners, and projects that can help you become tomorrow’s top industry professionals in an increasingly fast moving world.To enquire about open roles, please e-mail us: careers@orchidb.com


If you would like to talk to us regarding partnerships, investment, or media related topics, please e-mail us: contact@orchidb.com